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RV Maintenance 

Recreational vehicles require the same maintenance that a car, truck or a SUV would. If you've owned your RV for more than a few months, then you probably learned this the hard way. RV's are designed for luxury or casual travel. They can haul your recreational vehicles, have built-in den's, offices & modern kitchen spaces. They are a rolling vacation cottage & for full time adventurers, the place they call home.

The average cost of a new fifth wheel & Class A motor coach, can be up to six figures. Preventative maintenance can keep costly repairs to a minimum. So, the importance of maintaining your investment is paramount in extending the life of your RV. 

Get Up & Go Maintenance Check: 

  • Inspect all three electrical systems which are Coach, Chassis & Shore Power. Our goal is to make sure they are producing accurate outputs. 

  • Are you anxious with your RV's Propane System. We'll test the system & identify that if there are any life safety issues.  


  • The refrigerator is inspected, the coils & operations checked to be sure all is functioning & cooling to optimum levels. 


  • Roofs are exposed the most to natures elements. An in depth inspection is conducted of the entire surface which includes vents, AC units & antenna's. Leaks are the worst threat to the interior of your RV. Checking seals & their overall condition is part of this inspection. 


  • Going southbound? We do a thorough check which includes a Delta-T test. This test determines that the AC is provided maximum efficiency. We also check the fins on the exterior AC unit.  

  • Nothing feels better in the colder weather when your RV's furnace welcomes you with enveloping warmth. We test that your thermostat & furnace are fully operational & free of dust & debris. We make sure the mud dauber screens are intact & the air flow is unimpeded. 


  • Did you know The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) recommends changing your tires after 6 years despite their appearance? We conduct a visual inspection of all tires including spares. We are checking condition, DOT dates & air pressures. 

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